Feed the Fire

Can you land new ideas? Can you make them fly?


Or is it time for a Creative Reboot?

We know the score. You have to come up with new ideas and solve gnarly problems, day in, day out. But if you’re not getting the fuel you need, the fire burns low…

Creative Reboot recharges creative thinking for wherever you need it most: innovation, technical problem solving, trouble shooting relationships, day-to-day collaboration, higher productivity.

  • six 60-minute webinars: sign up as a team, bring clients, or come along by yourself and mix your spirit with some fresh juice

  • learn from inspirational tutors: master the tools, hacks and tricks you need to create your own weekly routine

  • explore new creative disciplines with short, fun assignments each week (get your first one below)

Our tutors can teach it because they do it

Inspirational creatives from the arts and business co-facilitate each webinar.

  • Songwriter Emily Phillips: three top ten hits to her name - she's written with Florence and the Machine, Lemar, Rizzlekicks and John Newman

  • Costa-winning novelist Andrew Miller

  • Richard Bateman, bridge designer commissioned for 2019 Burning Man

  • International Relations specialist Dr Roddy Brett, maker of documentary series on building peace post-terror, one community at a time

  • Artist and art school lecturer Dr Mike Ricketts, formerly Programme Director of the M.A. in contemporary art at Christie's

Tried and tested techniques to tackle stagnation and burn out

Use tools, hacks and tricks developed by our tutors to create your own weekly routine: time management, visualisation, lateral thinking, improvisation…we’ve searched high and low to get what you need to stay fresh. Try this, for example:

  • spend five minutes composing a tune which sums up the highs and lows of the week. Make up your own or take your lead from a classic …hum it, sing it, play it.

Get the juices flowing

Quick, eye-opening assignments for your homework - just a couple of hours max each week. Try this one for starters: get some fries from McDonalds, scatter them in the park or on your car bonnet. Observe how others take it. Take photographs. Clear up. And to inject a little more playful anarchy, take a kid along.

And remember…it ain’t just for ‘creatives’

In fact, we expressly recommend the Reboot for anyone and everyone who thinks they’re not creative: accountants, project managers, HR, tech support, engineers…whenever you folks take two things and put them together in a way that adds value, you’re creating. And that’s a process you can get better at.