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Introducing The Three Principles…

Creativity is business critical: it’s now often defined as the ability to solve problems with flair…and from CEO to answering the phone on reception, there isn’t a role that doesn’t rely on that.

So, the question is can you get better at it? Can it be taught? Yes. For us, there’s a holy trinity of creative training:

  1. Creation is recreation and evaluation: you won’t come up with new ideas unless you give yourself time and space to reframe a problem and hang it in a different light. Once you’ve looked at from every possible angle, you can leave the subconscious to mix old ideas with new and offer up some valuable suggestions. There’s a time for focus and a time for play, a time to work alone and a time to collaborate. The trick is to find the right balance in each case.

  2. Build resilience: some stress catalyzes creative thinking, sure, but too much and you snap. Sleep deteriorates, the brain gets stuck in old patterns and people reach for those traditional but very short-term solutions – group think, mediocrity, caffeine, alcohol, illegal drugs, plagiarism… the menu is long. To defeat the hunger, we have to learn how to manage stress and unwind.

    But that’s just the beginning: not all new ideas are good and even if they are, they’re not always welcome. 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration might be overplaying it but if you don’t learn how to fail better, you’re never going to find the drive to deliver.

  3. Make it personal: we are all unique – no one can solve problems like you, or me, or her.  So we need to encourage each person to develop their ability to innovate. What inspires you? What undoes you? Are you getting what you need to thrive? Get a routine and keep playing around with it. No one else will do it for you.

With these principles in mind, we have developed a range of courses – remote, on site and off site – to help you build the skills you need to keep the creative edge.