Feed the Fire

Dance for Women’s Day!


Get in tune with what YOU want to change…

Get ready to celebrate. Get ready to power up and make the world a more equal place! Get in the groove with our dance podcast – it’s a total workout for bodies, hearts and minds.

Dancing often happens when the wine’s been flowing. But when we dance straight, we can listen in to what we’re really feeling. And when we feel safe enough not to care what others think, we get to hear the voices that govern our lives, often without our even noticing.

So take a little time out for yourself, get dancing and explore what comes up for you. Which thoughts and feelings are helpful? Which aren’t?

The natural high we get as we dance gives us confidence to hardwire the good stuff and sweat out the stories we no longer need – try just accepting the thoughts and feelings behind them. Often they’ll lose their power and fade away.

Get down

Whether you dance with yourself, your sisters, your daughters or your partners, just download the podcast below, get into some loose clothes, find a warm place where you can dance freely and get on down.


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