Feed the Fire

When you talk, do your people listen?


Diary?  Full. Mailbox? Full. Intranet? Sorry, too busy. Yammer? Oh please!

Getting through to your people these days is almost as hard as getting through to new customers. Most people are maxed out every which way. And if they do have five minutes to spare, well, you’ve got some tough competition for those eyeballs! Loved ones, liked ones, not to mention all those weapons of mass distraction.

The solution? Content that is genuinely valuable in a medium that cuts through the noise.

Earholes, not eyeballs!

Podcasts are one of the most intimate channels of communication around today - we listen to them away from our desks, away from our screens, often during downtime or travel when we’re more open and receptive. But very few corporates have started using them yet for internal comms.

We say get the content right, give your audience something genuinely useful, they’ll learn and you’ll build strong bonds. 

We've just produced a series of podcasts on innovation, problem-solving and emotional intelligence for a global client: it’s part thought-leadership interview with subject matter experts, part mindfulness-based exercise to build new skills. And it’s been a big engagement booster.

Want to hear more? Have a listen to this demo we produced for a leading women’s sportswear brand.