Feed the Fire

Don’t think small

Think out of this world


You’re a creative business, so get creative with your learning and development

You need high-performance teamwork, inspired leadership, communication, problem solving… We can help you and your people find it.

  • Rewire for change: master the core ingredients of high-performing teams with song and dance

  • Relationship Reboot: learn how to express the tough stuff with humour and perfect timing, practice stand up and improvised comedy

  • Creative Communication: how do they train actors to do it? Jack Price  teaches at RADA. He’ll help you master the basics and develop your own unique style.

  • Power up your Problem Solving: understand the theory behind lateral thinking, then practice...like, what do you think prison is for? Ok, so design one that works

  • Manage Stress, Build Resilience: use mindfulness and visualization techniques to transform performance

    “I can't sing but I just co-wrote a song... the whole idea of possible just got a whole lot bigger!” Ben Crozier, Kitewood Property Development and Investment